General conditions of sale and use

Any order or reservation made by the client implies acceptation of these conditions.  Only specific clauses in contracts that have been signed by the client can be added to them or be subject to derogation.
All orders and/or reservations are only registered and validated by our establishment following reception of the quote bearing the phrase “bon pour accord”, accompanied by a deposit of 100% of the quote.

We ask our clients to confirm the final number of guests 72 hours before the reception.  This number will determine the billing procedure.

All cancellations made more than 30 days before the reception by the client, for whatever cause, will mean that our establishment will retain the sum paid in advance as fixed compensation.  However, the Pré Catelan Reception Rooms reserve the right to invoice a fixed compensation sum representing 65% of the quote for cancellations from 30 to 7 days before the reception, 80% of the quote from 6 to 2 days before the reception and 100% of the quote for a cancellation the day before of the actual day of the reception.
Any cancellation less than 48 hours before the foreseen date of an order or service by our establishment, except in the case of absolute necessity, will lead to the reimbursement of deposits paid in advance by the client and will exclude any other indemnity.

The prices on our quotes are those applicable on the day that the order has been placed and remain the same for the duration of the option.

Any supplementary services (staff, drinks, goods) that have not been included in the initial quote will be invoiced accordingly after agreement with the client on the day of the reception.
The terms of payment, unless otherwise stipulated in the initial quote are as follows :
- A deposit of  100% of the quote (tax inclusive) accompanies the accepted quote.
- The balance on reception of the invoice.

All payments must be sent to the accounts department of the Pré Catelan, Bois de Boulogne, 75016 Paris.

Any sum that has not been paid before the date stipulated on the invoice will lead to a formal reminder, late payment penalties at a rate 1,5 times higher than the legal interest rate and any incurred expenses.  In the case of late payment our establishment could also suspend any further orders and/or reservations.
No complaints concerning the reception will be valid after the actual day. Discrepancies concerning the invoice will only be taken into account for a period of 8 days following the date on the invoice.

Our establishment will not be responsible for the theft of money or valuables, loss or damages of client or participant property during the reception.
To this purpose, the client renounces any action by his/her insurance company against the Pré Catelan and guarantees that the Pré Catelan will not be subject to reclamations made by participants or their insurance companies.

Our establishment will not be responsible for any materials placed in our reception rooms. Outside suppliers (photographers, video, sound, florist) must have our official permission before any intervention.
Moreover, clients are solely responsible for all losses, breakages or damages that might be caused by participants and/or outside staff under their responsibility, of objects or materials belonging to our establishment or that have been rented by us and put at the disposal of the client.
When cloakroom facilities are included in our services, a ticket must be given at the time of deposit.  We do not accept responsibility if the ticket is lost.  We will not accept handbags or any other accessories containing cash or valuable objects.

Our establishment can, if necessary, free itself from obligations or suspend them if exceptional circumstances prevent them from being completed after a case of absolute necessity such as war, riots, demonstrations or disasters that have affected our establishments installations.

Failing an amicable settlement, solely the courts situated in the same area as Lenôtre’s head office will handle any litigation.

All our meats are from France, Ireland, Italia (Bressaola) or Spain (Cecina) for beef, and from France, Nederland or Germany for the veal (required information on the origin of beef - Decree No. 2002 - 1465 of 17/12/2002).